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Submit your Sitemap to Google for better search optimization. Click Submit to get a Google Webmaster Tools account and verify your site ownership (using the Verification option below). Once verified, you can select the Add General Web Sitemap option on the Google Sitemaps tab, and paste the Site Map URL displayed.
 NameDescriptionOverride PriorityPriorityEnabled
coreSitemapProvider 0

Base Page URLs Settings

Modify the basic settings that apply to general DNN pages.

When checked, the priority for each page will be computed from the hierarchy level of the page. Top level pages will have a value of 1, second level 0.9, third level 0.8, ... This setting will not change the value stored in the actual page but it will use the computed value when required.
When "page level based priorities" is used, minimum priority for pages can be used to set the lowest priority that will be used on low level pages
When checked hidden pages (not visible in the menu) will also be included in the Sitemap. The default is not to include hidden pages.

General Sitemap Settings

Configure the settings that apply to all URLs included in the Sitemap.

This option can be used to remove certain pages from the Sitemap. For example you can setup a priority of -1 for a page and enter -1 here to cause the page to not being included in the generated Sitemap.
Enable this option if you want to cache the Sitemap so it is not generated every time it is requested. This is specially necessary for big sites. If your site has more than 50.000 URLs the Sitemap will be cached with a default value of 1 day. Set this value to 0 to disable the caching.
Clear Cache

Site Submission

In this section you can submit your site to different search engines.

Submit your site to the selected search engine for indexing.
When signing up with Google Webmaster Tools you will need to Verify your site ownership. Choose the "Upload an HTML File" method from the Google Verification screen. Enter the file name displayed (ie. google53c0cef435b2b81e.html) into the Verification text box and click Create. Return to Google and select the Verify button.