The surreal dimension of COVID-19 has forced 90% of companies to go through business or digital transformation because of COVID-19.  That means companies today are facing an unprecedented, multi-layered crisis. The combination of Covid-19 pandemic in line with the apparent economic implications will lead to a recession, unilke any other in the recent past. It might be the first time in history when the entire globe has allied against a common and invisible enemy.

Businesses seem to be carried away by circumstances, which they can neither predict nor control. The reasonable question, then, is whether they can manage the issues today and make the necessary preparations for tomorrow. The crisis can be turned into an opportunity as long as the business invests in the adoption of a new 360-degree corporate philosophy, acceptance of the new data and strategic planning and implementation can make a business sustainable and more efficient tomorrow.

Applying 6 simple steps we prepared for your transformation, 3 steps today and 3 steps tomorrow, every business - no matter the size - can ensure that when the crisis is over, it will be able to stand up again and be an "element" of the new environment that is being developed.

Managing the current situation, we are preparing for a promising future as long as we accept that there will inevitably be significant financial loss either in our business or the business of our supplier or customer. In any case, the business world as an integral part of society and its development, needs to maintain its positive thinking for tomorrow by turning inaction into an opportunity for strategic thinking and new planning.

In the end, the fight is not over. It is now that the game starts and is hardly a sprint race but that of endurance. Businesses that will timely show reflexes, realizing the situation and developments today, are certain to remain standing tomorrow.

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