The aviation industry has been significantly impacted by the disruption and travel restrictions resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. With a huge portion of the global fleet of passenger aircraft sitting idle and airlines, lessors, airports and support businesses facing a drop in revenues, we look at the steps businesses can take to survive and adapt.

From liquidity to debt and restructuring, we address the diverse and complex challenges faced by airlines, leasing companies and aircraft funds in particular. We also consider implications for employers and how financial planning for the medium and long term will be affected.

How we can help you:

Our approach in supporting you to assess, protect and restore value in your business starts with helping you to
regain control by stabilising the business, whilst developing a robust and realistic turnaround plan. We draw upon our deep
expertise across a range of different areas, customised to your specific needs.


Helping your business respond to COVID-19

You are supported by fully integrated, highly experienced teams, who are recognised for their quality and ability to flex to the sensitive needs of our clients’ individual circumstances. We will work closely with you to implement performance and working capital improvements and drive effective restructuring strategies. These include providing independent critique
of refinancing proposals and acting as a respected bridge between lenders and the senior management team. We will take a holistic view of the challenges you face and deliver targeted solutions throughout the various elements of the aviation value chain including ownership and funding.

Please check our Credentials brochure for more information.

Aviation industry: navigating the impact of COVID-19Read our report

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