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Matej Drobnič Senior manager Ljubljana +386 1 434 1800

Matej Drobnič is a highly experienced Certified Auditor who has previously worked as a senior auditor in renowned multinational firms, namely Deloitte and KPMG Slovenia. With his extensive background in managing important accounts, Matej plays a vital role as a key auditor at Grant Thornton Slovenia. He has a proven track record of successfully leading group audits and audits of subsidiaries, effectively coordinating with auditors from the parent company.

Matej's expertise extends across a wide range of industries, enabling him to conduct thorough audits. His areas of specialization include auditing, internal controls, and financial analysis. Throughout his career, Matej has overseen audits primarily for large international manufacturing and service companies, ensuring adherence to both local and international financial reporting standards. Furthermore, he has gained substantial experience in providing diverse assurance services and offering consultations related to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).