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Jože Damijan Partner Ljubljana +386 1 434 18 00

Jože Damijan is a Partner in Advisory and a full time professor at the University of Ljubljana (Faculty of Economics) and a visiting professor at the University of Leuven, Belgium. He served as the Vice-President of the Council of Economic Advisors to the Prime Minister of Slovenia, the President of the governmental Board of Reforms and the Minister for Growth in the Slovenian Government. Since 2008, he is a special economic advisor to various ministries of the Slovenian Government and to the National Assembly on various economic policy issues. He was a partner in more than two dozen international research and consultancy projects funded by the European Commission, World Bank, United Nations, EBRD and OECD. He also led several consulting projects for key domestic and foreign companies, government ministries and agencies in the fields of telecommunications, transport, logistics and infrastructure, finance, energy sector, food industry, mergers & acquisitions, public finance, structural reforms, trade liberalization, market structure & competition and labor markets.